Since 2018, the FWIW newsletter has been tracking digital spending, strategy, and trends in our elections.

What is the FWIW newsletter?

FWIW (For What It’s Worth) is a weekly newsletter that breaks down digital spending, strategy, tactics, and trends in our elections. Each week, we highlight whose spending is up, whose is non-existent, and how campaigns, PACs and advocacy groups are leveraging online platforms to effect social + political change.

💪 FWIW was named a Substack Featured Publication in 2023

Since 2018, FWIW has grown to reach over 22,000 subscribers across the country, providing activists, campaign staffers, journalists, and academics with unique data + industry-leading opinion content on the online information wars that impact our politics. Our work has recently been featured in The New York Times, POLITICO, AXIOS, Fast Company, Salon, and Forbes, among other national outlets.

FWIW is written by Kyle Tharp and edited by Lucy Ritzman, and is produced in partnership with COURIER, a civic media company. While the newsletter provides opinion and analysis from a left-of-center perspective, we aim to provide straightforward insights about smart (or not-so-smart) online tactics on both sides of the aisle.

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A newsletter tracking digital spending, strategy, and trends in our elections.


I write FWIW, a newsletter tracking digital trends, spending, and insights in our politics and elections. Reach out:
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I write FWIW, a newsletter tracking digital strategy, spending, and trends in politics. Find me on Twitter @kylewilsontharp. Reach out: